The European Association for Studies of Australia, founded in 1989, seeks to promote the teaching of and research in Australian Studies at European tertiary institutions, as well as to increase an awareness of Australian culture throughout Europe. EASA promotes the study and discussion of a wide variety of aspects of Australian culture: Aboriginality, literature, film, the media, popular culture, history, political discourses, the arts. EASA's area of interest also includes New Zealand Studies.

JEASA 7.1 (2016)

The latest issue of the Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia -- JEASA 7.1 (2016) -- has been posted at

Menzies Centre for Australian Studies Events

To the attention of EASA members: two events coming up in King's College London! The first is a 2016-2017 seminar series on the theme of Screening Australia <> . Submissions close on May 9. ***  The second is a screening day<> devoted to Frances Calvert, the Berlin-based Australian filmmaker (on May 23). Details are attached and below.

EASA Conference in Liège, 26-28 January 2017

!! Abstracts deadline extended to 15 May 2016 !! 

Australia-South Asia: Contestations and Remonstrances
(University of Liège, 26-28 January 2017)

Southerly is available online!

The entire Southerly backlist, from the first
issue in 1939, is available through the Informit Literature and Culture
Collection. Informit is available through the National Library of Australia and
many university library catalogues. You can download every piece ever published
by Southerly through your library membership.
For more information, or to subscribe, please go to

InASA Agreement

As part of a reciprocal agreement between EASA and InASA (International Australian Studies Association), it has been decided that a panel would be opened at the associations' respective conferences for members of the partner association and that registration fees would be waivered for that panel.


EASA General Meeting Minutes

Veszprém 2015

EASA members, please find the Minutes of EASA's General Meeting (Veszprém, 2 Oct. 2015) attached.


Bordeaux 2013

EASA members, please find the Minutes of EASA's General Meeting (Bordeaux, 5 Sept. 2013) and the Treasurer's report attached.

JEASA 6.1 (2015)

The latest issue of the Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia -- JEASA 6.1 (2015) -- has been posted at

Edited by David Callahan, this general issue features articles, essays and reviews by Anthony J. Hassall, Carol Pybus, Adam Aitken, Agnes Balajthy, Giovanni Messina, Terry Moore, Inez Baranay, Lars Jensen, and Natasa Kampmark.


!!! New EASA BankAccount !!! and changed membership fee

The new EASA bank account has been set up and is running. Here are the new bank details::

                       1 Chemin du Haut de St-Pierre
                        14250 TILLY SUR SEULLES

Address of the bank: CCM BAYEUX
                               8 rue St-Patrice
                               14400 BAYEUX

IBAN: FR7610278021380002067430166

EASA General Meeting Minutes, Veszprém 2015

Please click on Office > Minutes in the left menu to find and read the minutes of EASA's latest General Assembly.

In Memoriam Veronica Brady

Dear EASA members and friends,


I am very sorry to inform you that our dearest colleague and friend Veronica Brady passed away last August. She was, without doubt, a beacon for many of us, a presence, a role model, a free spirit whom we will never forget. If only there were more academics like her!


The following vale for Veronica was written by Dennis Haskell.


Best wishes,
Lola Herrero
EASA Secretary