EASA:  European Association for Studies of Australia

In the wake of various European conferences dealing with aspects of Australian studies, the European Association for Studies of Australia (EASA) was founded at a meeting in 1989 at the Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies in London. The aim of the association is to promote the teaching of, and research in, Australian culture and studies at European tertiary institutions by providing regular information for individuals and institutions about activities, resources, and visiting experts, and by putting scholars working in comparative isolation at many universities in touch with each other. From the start the Association members have covered a wide range of subject areas across the disciplines.


The Board of EASA is always constituted with a view to a 'good spread' across the map of Europe, so that regional representation is adopted as far as possible. Thus so far Presidents have been from Bologna, Berne, Toulouse, Klagenfurt, Bergen and Roskilde. Within Europe some countries (e.g. Britain and Germany) have their own associations for Australian studies.


At present EASA has a fairly steady membership of about 150 people, of whom currently around 80 are from Europe, working at 113 different institutions in 27 countries.


Of the many universities where Australian studies courses are taught there is a dominance of such courses in Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Otherwise the spread is from Bergen in the North to Lecce in the South, and Ireland and Portugal in the West to Hungary and Slovakia in the East.


The year 2000 marked the launch of a new Australian Studies Centre at the Universitat de Barcelona during the conference "Changing Geographies: Australia and the Millennium." The Centre will publish a monographical series, (http://www.ub.es/dpfilsa/welcome.html).



     1991 Berne "The Making of a Pluralist Australia 1950-1990"

     1993 Sitges/Barcelona "Australia's Changing Landscapes"

     1995 Copenhagen "Inhabiting Australia: The Australian Habitat and Australian Settlement"

     1997 Klagenfurt "Maintaining the National"

     1999 Toulouse "Departures: Australia's Re-inventions of Itself"

     2001 Lecce "Reconciliations: 100 years of Australian Federation"

     2003 Aveiro "Australia - Who Cares?"

     2005 Debrecen "ReVisions of Australia: Histories, Images, Identities"

     2007 Roskilde and Copenhagen "Translating Cultures: Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific"


Anne Holden Rønning
President of EASA 2001-05




The list of conferences continues as:

     2009 Palma, Mallorca "Dis/solutions: The Future of the Past in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific"

     2011 Presov "Crossing the Borders: Reality, Desire and Imagination in Australian, New Zealand and the

                       Pacific Lives, Literatures and Cultures"

     2013 Bordeaux "On the Margins"

     2015 Veszprém "Australia as Topos: The Transformation of Australian Studies"