InASA Agreement

As part of a reciprocal agreement between EASA and InASA (International Australian Studies Association), it has been decided that a panel would be opened at the associations' respective conferences for members of the partner association and that registration fees would be waivered for that panel.


EASA members desirous of attending the InASA Conference in Hobart (3-5 December 2014) and of taking advantage of the above-mentioned agreement (i.e. of contributing to a registration fee-waived panel) are kindly asked to make this known to the convenors (InASA2014 [at] gmail [dot] com) or to Marc Delrez (marc.delrez [at] ulg [dot] ac [dot] be). The closing date for this, as for the submission of abstracts, is 30 April 2014.


The EASA panel at the InASA Conference will be held in a non-parallel slot, hence it is not necessary that all papers be cognate. The understanding is that the panel should showcase work done by EASA members. (Other association members will of course be distributed throughout the parallel sessions as per usual.)


Marc Delrez, EASA President